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An all-in-one system that will allow your business to reach more people faster and lower your cost per transfer. We will give you 5000 *free minutes to get you started!

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CallBlitzer for your business

Voice Broadcasting tools for any industry


Political Campaigns

A simple phone call at the right moment gets more voters on your side than any other medium. With CallBlitzer you will optimize your phone banking campaigns and reach more voters. Expand your reach and ensure your voice message gets through by using: area-based caller ID, compliance tools, and many more built-in tools. Schedule automated calling campaigns to your voters by setting custom audio messages tailored to specific voter demographics.


Alerts & Natural Disasters

Use voice broadcasting to ensure your community’s safety during a natural disaster. During these times, communication and keeping your locality informed is at the utmost importance. CallBlitzer’s reliable uptime combined with voice broadcasting functionality makes for most reliable system at a dire time of need. With CallBlitzer send a detailed message to your entire community that could potentially save lives during an emergency.



Easily confirm and send customized pre-recorded appointment reminders. Reduce late payments by automatically notifying patients and clients for all billing-related issues. Our end-to-end voice broadcasting software utilizes voicemail detection and various property-based triggers to send customized automated voice message follow-ups, emails, or text messages. Voice broadcast recipients have the option to be transferred directly to your live receptionist to confirm or update an appointment, place an order, or any other activity, using our built-in IVR capabilities.



Keep your students informed at all levels, from elementary to university, by sending out important school-wide notifications. With our end-to-end solution, you can set up customizable rules so each caller is automatically connected to the right admissions counselor or call center agent. Route calls differently based on: marketing source, time/day of call, caller location, and more. Customize your voice message notifications with two messages: one for when a live person answers the phone, and an alternative for when the call goes to voicemail.



Use voice broadcasting to increase sales and productivity by enabling custom campaigns that that are targeted to the correct audience. CallBlitzer’s customizable IVR flows allows for the potential customer to get to the right agent at the right time. Use dynamic scripting so your targeted campaigns to be carried out by any agent at any time in the sales cycle.


Fundraising & Charity

Deliver your charity, event, or other fundraising voice messages to an extended audience. Our interactive voice notifications allow for easy processing of donations directly over the phone. Get more with your campaign by allowing your recipients to speak with a live agent who will have all your contact’s relevant information ready and instantly available -- all through CallBlitzer’s platform.

Not Your Average Voice Broadcasting Service

CallBlitzer Improves All Ends of Your Business


Features include:

  • full reporting capabilities
  • real time reporting
  • softphone (webRTC)
  • automations
  • dynamic scripting
  • IVR
  • call transfers
  • and more!

End-to-End Efficiency

CallBlitzer’s end-to-end platform provides your operation with all the tools to build powerfully targeted campaigns that can be easily scaled to accommodate a high call volume. The platform also quickly and efficiently maximizes your customer reach. With CallBlitzer's simple “Press 1” feature, your business can easily transfer recipients to your team of live agents who can then further assist them all while still using CallBlitzer's system.


Features include:

  • lead recycling
  • lead drips
  • area-based caller ID
  • voicemail detection
  • customizable IVR
  • reporting
  • 15 different transfer methods
  • and more!

Customized Campaigns

Our Voice Broadcasting system comes pre-loaded with features that can be tailored to your unique business needs. Our platform's powerful end-to-end tools provides the flexibility personalize and customize your unique campaign, from dialing to the transfer method – the kind of flexibility guaranteed to maximize your audience and customer outreach.

Features include:

  • 95% voicemail detection rate
  • custom dispositions
  • individual agent queues
  • live agent monitoring
  • customizable IVR flows
  • CTI screen-pop
  • gamified LMS
  • easy API integration
  • and more!

Maximized Productivity

CallBlitzer provides the all-in-one functionality that allows your business to reach and engage more customers. Our fully integrated predictive dialer allows you to easily define how many people, and how often you want calls being placed. Increase contact rates and conversion rates by setting pre-defined call-back reminders or skills based agent routing.

See What CallBlitzer’s Happy Customers Have to Say


See how our great user experience helps businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience.

  • “CallBlitzer takes me less than 20 minutes to set up and even less time to quickly deliver important notifications about snow-days, emergencies and warnings, event, and any other reminders to our school-wide database of students, faculty, and parents.”

  • “The biggest reason our patients miss appointments is simply because they forget-- CallBlitzer’s Automated Voice Messaging has made appointment reminders much easier -- and less appointments missed and less time re-scheduling because of it.”

  • “I’ve been volunteering for years, and can’t begin to tell you what a difference CallBlitzer has made! It was easy to setup and customize depending on who the contact was and what stage of the campaign we were at.”

Maximize Your Voice Broadcasting Platform Capabilities

Platform Capabilities Overview: Call Transferring via CallBlitzer's System vs. Call Transferring to External System

What is Internal Call Transferring?

Internal Call transferring refers to calls that are prompted, or connected, to a live agent or IVR flow all while still using and/or within CallBlitzer’s system. With CallBlitzer’s fully integrated IVR (interactive voice response) capabilities your business can conduct multi-staged campaigns to ensure that both you and your customers get all the information you need. CallBlitzer’s browser-based platform also provides maximum productivity by allowing you and your agents to receive calls, manage, and utilize all the system’s capabilities wherever and whenever.

CallBlitzer Internal Call Transfer
Platform Capabilities

What is Remote Call Transferring?

A Remote Call Transfer is when the recipient of a call is transferred to a phone line or service outside of CallBlitzer’s platform. CallBlitzer’s system allows for remote call transfers however, while this option provides flexibility, this method has the potential to cause confusion for you, your agents, and your recipient.

3rd Party Remote Call Transfer
Platform Capabilities

Robust Reporting and Analytics (Custom & Default)
Full Agent Dashboard Access
Agent Monitoring & Coaching Modes: Listen, Barge, or Whisper
Dynamic Guided Scripting
Custom Dispositions & Disposition Notes
Individual Agent Queues
15 opt-in Transfer Methods
Custom Campaign Groups
Custom Voicemail Options
Lead Recycling
Lead Drips
Call Recording & FTP Push Capabilities
Area Code Based Caller ID
Automatic Voicemail (Answering Machine) Detection
Adjustable Dial Method & Dial Level
Real-Time Agent Performance Monitor Dashboard
Average Cost Per Transfer
System Dispositions for Opt In & Opt Out
Simple Lead Uploads via CSV File

CallBlitzer FAQ

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice Broadcasting allows you to distribute custom pre-recorded voice telephone messages easily and quickly to your customer, employee, voter, and any other contact database of your choice. CallBlitzer’s cloud-based calling and automated dialing and broadcasting technology gives you the ability to reach hundreds or even thousands of contacts all at once. Get your message across to the masses or spread throughout a period of time. No matter how many contacts you want to reach or how long you want the campaign to last, CallBlitzer maximizes your campaign reach and ensures you're getting the lowest cost per transfer.

Why is compliance important for telecommunications operations?

If your business is operating any telecommunications processes or systems, it's critical that you're proactive and taking all the necessary measures to stay compliant. This means adhering to any FCC, TCPA, FTC, or HIPAA laws and procedures by implementing mandatory systems and tools that will ensure you do so. Failure to abide by those regulations could cost your business over $10,000+ in fines.

How does CallBlitzer help my business stay compliant?

CallBlitzer provides a powerful set of tools to help businesses in any industry stay compliant. Using CallBlitzer's system you can upload any lists from the state or federal DNC registry. CallBlitzer's system also allows you to customize your campaign to automatically stop calls being placed at certain state regulated hours of the day. You can also scrub your campaign contact list against our database to extract cell phone numbers. CallBlitzer has solutions that make compliance a breeze!

How does CallBlitzer handle unanswered calls?

CallBlitzer gives you the ability to recycle or redial a number if it was unanswered. CallBlitzer’s system allows you to reinsert (recycle) any leads/phone numbers that were unanswered back into your call distribution list based on a custom set time.

How will I be charged?

CallBlitzer bills every call that gets connected whether it's transferred to a live agent or detects an answering machine. However, CallBlitzer does not bill any calls in your campaign that reach a busy signal, are unanswered, or hit a number that has been disconnected.

Does CallBlitzer have a limit on how many channels available for use?

CallBlitzer has the capacity to support any type of campaign from thousands of channels at an instant, if necessary.