Mass Communications Solutions for All Businesses

Our solutions are optimized to ensure your campaign successfully reaches and captures your target audience and customer base – suited for all business types and industry needs:


Political Campaigns

Phone banking that’s easy to use for all volunteer levels. Area-based caller ID, Compliance tools, and more.


Alerts & Natural Disasters

Make sure customers are always aware of changes in accounts, or ensure that everyone is aware and informed of news and emergency warnings.


Health Care

Send reminders & confirmations to all of your patients. Reduce late payments by automatically notifying patients with billing updates.



Keep all of your students up to speed with campus events and closures, and route calls to the best suited person to guide you through any academic question.


Finance, Loan & Debt

Notify your customer base about loan reductions or forgiveness with ease, and a clear and concise IVR to best serve your customer’s financial needs.


Fundraising & Charity

Reach all of your fundraising base and more! Process donations, invitations and reservations easily over the phone.

Send pre-recorded call messages using CallBlitzer’s Voice Broadcasting System

CallBlitzer’s Voice Broadcasting platform allows you to distribute custom pre-recorded voice telephone messages easily and quickly to your customers, employees, voters, and any other contact database of your choice. CallBlitzer’s cloud-based calling and automated dialing and broadcasting technology gives you the ability to reach hundreds or even thousands of contacts at once. Get your message across to the masses or spread throughout a period of time. No matter how many contacts you want to reach or how long you want the campaign to last, our end-to-end voice broadcasting system ensures your message is not only received, but also gets heard.

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“The growth of Iconic is directly related to CallBlitzer’s abilities to support what we do.”

Brett Jacobson, Vice President of Operations, Iconic Partners

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